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Roaches, German Roaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Rats, Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control
At Gatekeepers we go out of our way to rapidly suppress any pest issues as soon as we take on any commercial and residential properties. Whether it is a five hundred unit HOA or a mom and pop restaurant. HOA communities take a lot of TLC because we do not just work for the HOA, but work hard to be helpful and friendly to all of the residents. When people feel like you are part of the family you know we did our job. The restaurant and resort industry I grew up in, like many of us who grew up in Florida, know what these people expect and we do what it takes to put their minds at ease with professional and quality service.

Residential Pest Control

residential pest control
At Gatekeepers, we have spent many years in the industry and we believe that we have learned from other’s mistakes. As the founder of Gatekeepers, I can tell you that nothing gives me more pleasure than a surprised customer response or comment, simply because we did not rush through a treatment and leave. We go the extra mile for each and every customer that we service and treat them the way we want to be treated when service professionals visit our homes.

Bed Bugs

bed bug services
At Gatekeepers Pest Solutions, we are aware that you can’t just treat a bed bug problem without two things – preparation and follow-up. We work with our customers to make sure that they are aware of these preparations and understand that this is key to the treatment’s success. We inform our customers that after the first treatment, we will be following up for the next few months to ensure the service was successful.


termite control
Every year termites cause billions of dollars in construction damage. Most people do not know that they have termites until they see a swarm of them or see damage already done in their home. Gatekeepers will come out and inspect your home free of charge and assess the problem. At that time, we will discuss the cost and types of treatments needed. We are experts at non-tent termite treatments. We treat homes, but also specialize in condos, apartments and hotels. In order to prevent tenting your home or business, contact Gatekeepers at the first sight of activity. Discounts are available for investors and property management.
As the founder, I have been chasing rats through attics for many years and can tell you if you have a rodent problem and the rep who comes out does not go to check the attic, send him away. At Gatekeepers Pest Solutions, we take the time to thoroughly investigate the entire structure. When needed, we offer rodent exclusions (sealing up entryways) as well as cleanouts of contaminated attics. We will offer a timely solution to a problem no one needs.

German Roaches

florida german cockroach
If you see a light brown cockroach with an almond shape body and two black horizontal stripes behind its head, you most likely have German Roaches. These roaches are nocturnal and if you see them during the day, you most likely have an infestation in your home. German Roaches are among the fastest reproducing roaches, so they must be treated quickly. At Gatekeepers Pest Solutions, we will inspect and treat the entire structure. With German Roaches, it takes multiple treatments, but feel confident knowing that we will get rid of them for good.